Don't Spend a Fortune on New Windows

Get a vinyl replacement window installation in Cincinnati, OH or surrounding areas

Do you need new windows for your home, but want something that won't cost an arm and a leg? A vinyl window installation will give you an attractive look at an affordable price. Glass Block Kings can install new vinyl windows or replace your current windows for you. We've been installing windows for over a decade, so we have the skills to complete your window installation quickly.

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vinyl replacement window installation

Why choose vinyl windows?

Windows are more than just for looks. Different materials have different effects on your home’s energy efficiency and maintenance needs.
Choose a vinyl window installation because…

  • Vinyl is an effective insulator and will lower your energy bill in the long run
  • Vinyl requires little maintenance since it’s resistant to scratches and is easily cleaned
  • Vinyl is durable, inexpensive and can last for decades

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your windows are reliable and efficient. Arrange for a vinyl replacement window installation by calling 513-785-8617.