Is There a Crack in Your Glass Block Window?

Get it fixed with glass block window repair services in Cincinnati, OH or surrounding areas

One of the biggest advantages of glass block windows is their design. Like bricks, glass blocks can be replaced individually when they become damaged. Glass Block Kings has the skills to perform glass block window repair services for your home in Cincinnati, OH or nearby. We'll repair anything from a single tile to the entire window.

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glass block window repair

Does your glass block window need repairs?

If your window is cracked or chipped, you know it needs fixing. But other problems might be less obvious. Consider glass block window repair services if you notice these issues:

  • You feel a draft coming from your glass block window
  • Water is leaking around your window or through the glass
  • The glass is starting to become discolored or is blocking light

Our crew can fix windows in any room of your home. Schedule a kitchen or basement window repair in the Cincinnati, Ohio area by contacting us today.